About Us

Water Services Association of Malawi (WASAMA) is a governing member association to the International Water Association (IWA); which is a global network of water professionals. WASAMA was registered under Trustee Act on 23rd June, 1998.

The Association was established with the aim of ensuring maximum exchange of information in the water industry, experiences, research and water management which later on extended to the sanitation and hygiene sector.  WASAMA aligns itself with the global water associations who are platforms of water technology, sources of best practice, sources of focused ideas and strategy, reference points for information and meeting places for professionals.  There is also a desire to promote greater local interaction and integrated water resources Management (IRWM)

Despite being registered some 18 yrs ago, the association has not grown to its expected level over the years and for a good period of its existence it was limited to membership of the five Water Boards.

Currently the association is being governed by the Governing Council comprising the 5 Chief Executive Officers of the five Water Boards and the Secretary for Irrigation and Water Development as the Ex-Officio. Management of the association is carried out by a four year secretariat headed by the Executive Secretary. WASAMA’s Secretariat is housed inside Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) headquarters campus in Area 3, Lilongwe.

There is a proposal to extend its membership of the Association  to other water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practitioners, Academia, Consultants, Contractors, Suppliers, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the WASH sector and Individuals.