Mission & Vision


To provide better water solutions in Malawi.


To be a platform for all Water solutions in Malawi so that our members provide quality services in an efficient and effective manner.


Solutions through innovations

Core values
•    Integrity
•    Creativity and innovation
•    Involvement
•    Customer driven
•    High quality standards

Core Functions

The core functions of the Association are:

benchmarking water service providers and organisations involved in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector in Malawi and to other similar companies and/or organisations internationally, on issues of performance, innovativeness and technology;

promoting public awareness to the country’s need to wholesome water for all and the associated water resources, water supply and demand management , sanitation and hygiene problems among all stakeholders;

to promote, encourage and find ways to facilitate the countrywide exchange of information and knowledge amongst bodies concerned with water supply and water in the areas of education, research, water and wastewater management, water treatment;

to lobby and make recommendations on methods of water supply, institutional issues water suppliers, financing of water services, private sector participation in water supply, customers services for water suppliers, public relations for water suppliers, efficiency standards and regulation of water supply and use in Malawi;

to organize International Congresses, Specialized and National Conferences, Symposia, Workshop and similar events, and to produce, contribute to and advertise in scientific and technical publications;

to make submissions to legislative bodies and/or regulatory authorities on any existing laws and proposed laws that may affect the Association or its members and customers;

to finance training, education, consulting and other related support activities aimed at developing the human resources and organizational capacity in Malawi for water supply services;

to conduct research on the standards and qualities fittings used in water installations in Malawi and to lobby for appropriate standards and qualities for such fittings;

to create and operate irrigation and water management training colleges in Malawi